Pulp Molded Flower Pot & Seedling Pot

The material for pulp flower pot and pulp seedling pot is recyclable paper. Such kind of environmental friendly pulp flower pot is good surrenal for plastic flower pot. It is mainly used for flower fostering and indoor decoration.

Characteristics of pulp flower pot:

The pulp flower pot is much lighter than ceramic pot and not prone to break during transportation.

Different colors can be dyed to the pot in order to match the color and shape of different flowers, which can well achieve an artistic appreciation of the flowers.

As molded pulp paper flower pot is lighter than ceramic pot and stronger than plastic pot, it can be hanged in the room or on the wall, thus reaching a decorative effect.

It is very convenient to dispose of the pot after blossom . It can be moved into the clay together with the flower, unnecessary to remove the clay and wash the flower pot and find space to store the unused pot.

Waterproof element is mixed in the pulp so that water can be sprayed onto the flower as usual to last for one blossom.

Characteristics of pulp seedling pot:

It is safe, sanitary, nontoxic, light-fast, acid proof, alkali proof and water proof, beautifully-shaped and practical, in line with environmental protection requirements.

Quickly degradable by microbe after being cast off. The degradable time is one to twelve months and can be adjusted according to customers' requests. The degraded seeding pot will become fertilizer that aids the flower in growth, so the seeding pot can be moved into the clay together with the flower while the root stays intact.

Innocuous pesticide can be added in the process of pulp making upon request from customer to prevent illness and worm.

A hole can be made in the bottom of the flower pots to prevent root from perishing.

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